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Sure Start - Getting to the start on-time

This app is designed to assist racing sailors get to the start line on time. It is intended for the club sailor who does not have the budget for purpose built instruments performing a similar task.

The principle behind Sure Start is to keep the crew informed on distance to line and time remaining to start. 

Sure Start needs some basic information to perform its task. Providing this information is as simple as sailing to the boat end of the start line and have a crew member press Start of Line button, then sail to the pin end and press the End of Line button. Once this information is recorded Sure Start will give a continuous display of your boats distance to the line. It will also display the estimated time it will take, at current boat speed, to reach the nearest point of the line.

The next step in the preparation is to press the "Gun" button at the appropriate time. Countdown begins and displays your time to start. Once the countdown completes a stopwatch begins to record your overall race time. Press finish, as you get the gun on the finish line, to record your overall time on the water from start to finish.

Sure Start is available on the Windows Phone Marketplace.
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